Five-grain Instant Hot Cereal

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Five-grain Instant Hot Cereal
STO 21451215-014-2016
Ingredients: buckwheat flakes, wheat flakes,
rolled oats, barley flakes, cornflakes.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
protein 11,8 g; fat 3,0 g; carbohydrate 66,2 g.
Calorific value (100 g): 339 kcal/1419 kJ.
Cooking time: 5 minutes.
Expire date: 12 months.
Net weight: 400 g.
Single pack barcode: 4607120236379
Multi-pack: 6 pcs.
Multi-pack weight: 2,4 kg.
Multi-pack barcode: 4607120236546
Number of layers per pallet: 7
Number of packs per pallet: 672
Pallet weight: 268,8 kg
Pack dimensions, mm:
Single pack (height, width, length): 185/125/61
Multi-pack (height, width, length): 195/130/390
Pallet (height, width, length):1400/1200/800
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